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Our mission is to improve and save lives through compassionate care, community outreach and education.
We believe humans have the responsibility to consciously consider, respect, care for, and protect animals and the environment. 
The unique relationship between companion animals and humans causes the service we provide to invariably affect both animals and humans.
Our activities often have a meaninful impact on the greater community and society.
"Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day." -John Grogan
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Who we are...

Our organization is a 501c3 nonprofit animal protection and welfare organization that was formed in 1909 to prevent cruelty, abuse, neglect and exploitation of animals and to assure that their interests and well-being are fully, effectively, and humanely guaranteed by an aware and caring society.

 We are a tribe of  unpaid volunteers from diverse backgrounds that have been brought together solely for our love of animals and our community.


We believe that every life is precious, valuable and worth saving. We are  no kill,  foster home-based rescue.


We rescue the most severely neglected, abused and abandoned animals to be true to our name.....a humane society. 

We believe in the interconnectness of all life. We strive to balance the interests of humans, animals and the environment in which we live. We recognize that the only way to have sustainable change is through education. 


Our goal is that our humane education fosters a society where one's actions reflect compassion, respect, fairness and responsibility towards oneself, other people, animals and the environment.



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