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Scratch is a gorgeous steel grey 2 year old female 

Quinne & Thumbs.jpg

Quinne (Black & white male) and Thumbs (polydactyl orange & white F) were not rescued together but they became fast friends in their foster home. They are both around two years old. They are a sweet, loving bonded pair.


London has the cutest face! She is a loving, intelligent and playful girl. Not too crazy about other cats, however, this could be  due to the sheer number in her foster home .


Valencia is around two years old. She is a super sweet orange tabby.


Dustin is a handsome, loving and playful 10 month old mini black panther.


Sebastian is a large handsome Siamese around 2 years old.  He is a calm and chill cat. Not overly playful so best in a home with adults/older children.


Mafia is around 3 and he is a big, sweetheart.

Super loving and friendly. We are not yet certain how he is with other animals. 


Martie is a beautiful sweet girl. She is around 5 years. She is sweet, intelligent and loving but she needs a quieter home with adults would be ideal. Her previous owner tossed her outdoors in the winter pregnant, all her babies froze to death before we rescued her. She deserves so much better. She is very healthy, however she only has a few teeth after our vet performed a dental on her. She loves wet pate and this will be a requirement in her new forever home.


Steven is a very handsome orange tabby. Him and his family (mom and various siblings) were located behind Big John's Steakhouse on Holland. He has been waiting for a few months now to find his forever home. Steven would prefer a home with other feline brothers and/or sisters. He loves to play (with toys, play chase with other cats, or wrestle).

Heading 5

Jayden is a very handsome long haired male around 2 years old, tested negative, fixed, vaccinated and parasite free. He was dumped outside in an unfamiliar rough neighborhood where he was terrified and got badly injured by a dog or cat with a severe forehead and facial injury. Fortunately, everything healed perfectly. Jayden has a very unique personality. He can be very sweet and affectionate. However, he can also be a bit sassy. He does like to play with other cats but can become overstimulated and play too rough. For these reasons we feel he would be best as an only cat in a home with no small children. We believe he was taken away from his mother and siblings too early in life and missed this critical socialization. He is inquisitive, very active and playful. He just needs someone that "gets him and will love and appreciate him for his unique quirks".


Benny is such a sweet loving gentleman to humans. He is not very fond of other cats and makes it known. We completely understand though since he has had a hard life so far living on the streets. He would make the perfect fit as an only cat. Benny loves to cuddle and prefers cuddling on your lap. He will play sometimes but mostly likes to nap and sun bathe

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