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Please Note: We have many more additional rescues than listed. 
We post on our Facebook page every Friday when we will be at
PetSmart Saginaw with adoptable kitties.
**Usually most Saturdays & Sundays from 12-4pm**

Solomon and Sampson.jpg

Solomon (grey & white male) and his brother Sampson (grey male)

These 5 month old brothers were born undetected in a hoarder's home for their first 10 weeks of  their life until we found them! These little guys were pretty sick with respiratory and eye infections and very thin. They had no human contact prior to rescue.  Solomon is  a little more outgoing and friendly whereas his brother Sampson is still a little cautious still from past. They are a very sweet loving duo that loves to play. A quieter home will be best with no small children to allow  these boys a calm environment to be able to be comfortable and adjust to a normal future. Please consider meeting them they are very much worth consideration.


Chloe is around 4 years old and weighs 55 pounds. She has the cutest bark around. She is HW tested negative and on preventative. Spayed, vaccinated. 

 At time of rescue her body score was a 2 out of 9 (skin and bones, starved to death), used her entire life for breeding and tied outside on a short chain or kenneled in urine and feces. 

Chloe is intelligent, playful, loving and very sweet girl.  She just loves people and makes an exceptional companion. She also loves car rides.

We are looking for a home for her where she can be an only dog/pet. Although she is in a foster home with cats and dogs if a cat or dog shows any aggression towards her she may react. For this reason we are looking for a patient and experienced dog adopter to be her forever family. She has not lived in a foster home with children so we are requesting a home with no small children due to this limited knowledge.

If you want just one pet to focus all your energy and time on Chloe is your dog. Her loving, playful and silly antics will make you smile every day.


London has the cutest face! She is a loving, intelligent and playful 2 year old.

She has requested a home as the only cat as she does not seem to prefer the company of other felines.

London and her four kittens were rescued from teenagers dropping the babies from above their head onto the pavement and kicking London out of the way. Her life thus far has not been happy. All four of her babies lived and were adopted,  now it is London's turn for her happy ever after.


Evie is a talkative, friendly social little four month old kitten.

She is super sweet and loves to play with other kitties.

Dustin is a handsome, loving and playful 10 month old mini black panther.

Thumper is a beautiful, playful, independent yet loving 5 month old kitten.

Sky is a beautiful medium fur length panther.

She is 6 months old. Very playful, active and loving.


Pearl is a gorgeous 5 month old female dilute calico.

She is a sweet, calm and loving little girl


Martie is a beautiful sweet girl. She is around 5 years. She is intelligent and loving yet shy at first.  She will do best in a quiet calm adult only home and as an only cat. 

 Martie was abandoned outdoors in the winter pregnant, all her babies froze to death before we rescued her. She didn't deserve this and we are hopeful that her person will come along soon to adopt her.

Our vet performed an extensive dental on Martie and she only has a few teeth left.    She loves wet pate and this will be a requirement in her new forever home. 


Steven is a very handsome 1 year old orange tabby.  

Steven would prefer a home with other feline brothers and/or sisters.

He loves to play (with toys, play chase with other cats, or wrestle).

Heading 5

Jayden is a very handsome, long haired spunky male around 2 years old. He is tested negative, fixed, vaccinated and parasite free.

Jayden was dumped outside in an unfamiliar rough neighborhood where he was terrified and got badly injured by a dog or cat with a severe forehead and facial injury. Fortunately, everything has healed perfectly.

Jayden has a very unique personality. He can be very sweet and affectionate. However, he can also be a bit sassy. He does like to play with other cats but can become overstimulated and play too rough. For these reasons we feel he would be best in a home with no small children, as an only cat or with another younger playful adult cat.

Jayden was taken away from his mother and siblings too early in life and missed this critical socialization period. He is inquisitive, very active and playful, however, at times he can be too rough so he will need a patient person to work with him as he learns "nice play".

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